How to update T series firmware

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JIEYUN T series ARM thin clients

How to restore firmware and update firmware from U disk

1, Preparation:

n  Prepare a T50 (or T series) ARM thin client that can power on normally (if it cannot power on normally, we have to use a computer to download the firmware, please refer to other documents);

n  A 12V DC power adapter;

n  Monitor (Just one monitor,VGA port is recommended);

n  USB keyboard and mouse;

n  If you need to update new firmware, prepare a U disk formatted in Fat32 format;

n  If you need to update new firmware, prepare the ARM-JYOS or Ubuntu firmware file, such as update.img.

2, Copy the firmware file to the U disk (if just firmware restoring, the U disk is not required);

     3, Connect the thin client to the monitor, keyboard and mouse, 12V DC power supply, and plug in the U disk;

4, Keep the thin client in power-off state;

5, Press and hold the power button for about 6 seconds (the red light is on), then release the button

6, The thin client will start to enter the updating mode, as shown in Figure 1 below, use the up and down keys of the keyboard to select the corresponding operation.

n  Reboot system now: This option does nothing and just restarts the thin client directly.

n  Apply update from USB disk: This option reinstalls the new firmware file in the USB stick.

n  Wipe data/factory reset: This option clears all configuration data of the thin client and restores the firmware to the last installed firmware version, which is usually the factory firmware version (the thin client has a backup partition, and every time a new firmware is installed, the corresponding firmware file will be backed up in the backup partition).

7, Apply update from USB diskAs shown in Figure 2, choose to update the firmware from the U disk; enter Figure 3, select the firmware package to be installed, and press Enter to enter the firmware update mode, as shown in Figure 4; after the installation is complete, the thin client will restart and enter the initialization stage, as shown in Figure 5; do not power off during the whole process.

Figure 1 Selecting the operating mode

After the initialization is complete, the thin client will start normally, the firmware installation is complete, and the U disk inserted in the thin client can be removed.

Figure 2 Select to install firmware from USB disk

Figure 3 Select the firmware file to install

Figure 4 Installing firmware from a USB stick

Figure 5 System initialization

8, Wipe data/factory reset:  As shown in Figure 6, select to restore the firmware (no need to insert a U disk), enter the interface shown in Figure 7, select "Yes -- delete all user data", enter Figure 8 to complete the firmware recovery, select "reboot system now" to restart the thin client Then enter the initialization phase.

Figure 6 Select Recovery Firmware

Figure 7 Select Yes

Figure 8 After the firmware recovery is complete, select "reboot system now"

Figure 9 Initialization

After the initialization is complete, the thin client will start normally and the firmware recovery is complete.

9, After step 7 or step 8, the thin client will restart automatically and can be used normally.