How to redirect and map USB devices over RDP connection


1. The Windows host should be Windows7 Ultimate or Win10 Professional or above. (It seems Windows7 Professional and Enterprise Editions were not friendly with RDP USB redirection)

2. Make sure that the RDP Accelerator package is installed on the Windows host.

Redirection and Mapping:

1, Redirection Mode: the driver of USB device should be installed on Windows host side

2, Mapping Mode: the driver of USB device should be installed on thin client side. Some drivers have been built in the JIEYUN thin clients.

USB Storage Devices

n  RDP Local Disk Mapping:  (When both of them are selected, the mapping mode has priority)

USB Storage Mapping Mode

n  RDP USB Redirection:

USB Storage Redirection Mode

USB Devices (Such as Printer, Scanner, Card Reader…)

Redirection mode could redirect the USB devices from thin client to Windows host as soon as the USB port can stand  the power consumption.

For multi-session remote desktop, the USB redirection mode is not recommended.

In the Device Manager, we can find the redirected devices

Printer Mapping

At this moment, many printers’drivers has been built-into the thin clients

For the printers, the mapping mode has priority when the redirection mode is also enabled.

Firstly, to set the printer: 【Control Center】->【System】->【Advance】->【Printer Setup】

please select the printer mapping option with RDP connection.

When there is a USB printer connects to the thin client, you can find it.

Add the Printer


Select the Manufacture

Select the driver



Enable the printer mapping for RDP connection

You can find the printer device in Device Manager