How to setup a RDP Connection with JIEYUN thin client in the LAN

Step1: Connect the thin client as the folowing diagram:

Step2:  Settings

Step3: Display Settings: Language and Resolution. The thin client can detect the best resolution of the monitor (Preferred Resolution), just select Auto option.


Step4: Network Settings: DHCP or STATIC, please make sure the IP address is available.

Step5:  Use ipconfig to get the IP address of the remote desktop server, static IP address is recommanded

Step6:  Please install the RDP Accelerator in the server side, it will try to config the remote desktop gourp policies. Especially for Windows 7, it need more than 10 minutes to patch the RDP services from 7.1 to 8.0.

Step7: Make sure the Remote Desktop Server could ping the J35N

Step8: Add RDP connection in thin client side, fill the server IP address

*** If thers are Windows 10, 2012, 2016, 2019 hosts , please enable the "...hardware coding...”option.

*** If there is Windows 7 host, please disable the "...hardware coding...”option.

Step9: If select the Auto Connect, thin client will start the RDP connecting automatically when it startup.

Step10:  Start the RDP connection on thin client side, if it's successful, there should be Windows login portal

FAQ1: If the connection fails as the following figure:

Please check the points one by one:

  • Make sure  the Remote Desktop Server is online  (Please run mstsc.exe on a Windows host and  connect the same remote desktop to confirm that the RDP service server is working )

  • Make sure the Remote Desktop Server can ping the J35N

  • Make sure the RDP accelerator has been installed in the server

  • Make sure the RDP servcices is running in the server

  • If you changed the RDP port 3389 to another one, please update the port on the client side as the following picture:

FAQ2.   If the connection fails as the following figure:

Please check if the RDP Accelerator installed. Otherwise you can enbale the NLA options on the thin client side.

FAQ3.  How to deploy thin client with Windows shared remote desktop solution:

Please refer to RamDesk for detail.