How to Install JYOS ISO into a X86 PC:


1,  Download the X86-JYOS ISO: Download X86-JYOS . We will keep updating this ISO, to fix problems and add new features.

2, Make sure the LAN can access the internet and the PC can get an IP from DHCP server.


1, Step1,  prepare a bootable USB stick by X86-JYOS ISO file.

HOW TO: Create a Multi-ISO Bootable Flash Drive

2, Boot up the PC from this USB stick.

if not UEFI mode, will install directly

3, Select the disk to install JYOS (Press enter key to select the default disk)

Select the target disk to install JYOS


4, Remove the USB stick when JYOS installed and press any key to reboot the PC

Install successfully, remove the USb stick and reboot

5, After the initialization, JYOS boots up

6, For the first time, just press the 【Trial】 button

Just select 【Trial】, please make sure this PC can access internet, otherwise, select 【Cancel】to check the network settings

There are 30-day trail

We can enable the user window on 【Diaplay Propertise】 tablet

7, Please apply for the license SN before the 30-day trial license expired, please finish the test and make sure it could meet your requirements in advnace.

Please contact us and buy the license with Machine ID (Actually, you need not to input "Serial Number" when it's licensed)

8, Re-installation, just repeat the step 1 to step 5

9, How to recover the firmware: press "shift" key when the PC starting, it will go into the recovery mode.