Thin clients of Jieyun Tech.  can provide virtual sound card feature for RDP and VMware remote desktop virtualization (VDI solution).

(Note: This feature is only available in virtualization scenarios and lans; RDP multi-user mode and WAN connections are not currently supported).

  1. RDP audio service is often unstable in the application of call center. Virtual sound card can provide better sound quality and stability

  2. VMware View client does not provide microphone function in domestic ARM platform (But, from 2106 version, it could provide microphone feature)

The way to config the virtual audio feature:

   1. The virtual sound card only supports dual-head 3.5mm headphone devices, but does not support USB headphone microphone devices, as shown in Figure 1.

   2. In the [Control Center] of the thin clients, choose [System] - [Advanced] - [Global Settings] - [Enable Virtual Sound Card], as shown in Figure 2 and figure 3.

   3. When using RDP connection, select "Play on remote computer" in the RDP option, as shown in Figure 4.

   4. Windows 7 or Windows10 VM, please download and install it.

Note: Finally, make sure that the voice software uses the virtual machine as the default sound card.



Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4


Select the VirtualAudio as the default audio device

Note: please restart the virtual machine, after the installation