Jieyun Zhilian Download Server Address: https://dl.jieyunzl.cn:7001/ ; The Jieyun Zhilian software and documents will be updated in a timely manner on the download server.

1. This server uses telecommunications broadband with a maximum download bandwidth of 80Mbps and uses dynamic domain names. If tåhere is an IP change, it may affect the download.

2. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

Download entry description:

J50-J35N-FW: This is the firmware file for J35N, J70, and J50 (including instructions and software for flashing), which requires a computer to flash and generally does not require downloading.

T50-T36-FW: Firmware files for T50, T36, and T50T (including JYOS and Ubuntu, which are only suitable for 2GB or above memory versions), can be flashed using a USB flash drive.

TEMP: Download directory for other tools or patch packages.

VRamDesk: A desktop virtual machine management software based on Windows Server virtualization, which is simple, efficient, and extremely easy to operate and maintain. If necessary, you can also purchase and deploy a USB drive (including virtual machine templates).

X86 JYOS-ISO: A thin client system (T90) for 64 bit X86 PC.

Link2 RDP RamDesk: RDP multi-user solution recommended download, including RamDesk and VDClass installation packages; RamDesk is a multi-user cloud desktop management software that includes RDP acceleration packages, J-Player redirection players, RDP multi-user patch packages, and more.

Link3 RDP VDI Software: RDP virtualization solution recommended download, including RDP acceleration package, VDClass, J-Player redirection player.

Link4 RDP Accelerator Vx. x.x: A separate download link for RDP acceleration packages, suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 10/11/Server.

Link5 Virtual Device1.7: Virtual virtual sound card, virtual camera, suitable for LAN Windows 7 virtual machines and RDP and VMware desktop protocols

Link6-TCManager2.7.6: TCManager Terminal Batch Management Tool.

Link8-VDClass-201912: A simplified version of a free multimedia teaching software that supports screen broadcasting.

Link9-JPlayer1.4. x: Redirects a video file player that can unload the host load and decode offline movie redirection terminals.