VDClass is a free and simple Windows e-class software, which could deliver VDI and SBC desktop for school and traning room, etc. It can deliver high-quality screen broadcasting and other features

    VDClass is a free and simple Windows e-class software, which could work with JIEYUN RDP clients, such as J35N, J50, J70 etc. VDClass can deliver the following features:

     n   Screen Broadcast: The VDClass could broadcast the desktop of the teacher to thin clients in real time. Any content that displayed on the teacher's screen can be broadcast in real time and efficiently. Student thin clients receive teacher broadcast on full screen and lock the student mouse and keyboard.

      n   Student Demo: The teacher could assign a student’s desktop to be broadcasted. And the other students will be full screen receives the demo, keyboard and mouse are locked. This feature is good for classroom interaction and teaching.

      n   Screen Monitor: Teachers can monitor the screen of each student's computer in real time and view the screen of the students at any time.

      n   Remote Control: The teacher can remotely control student's desktop.

      n   Black Screen: The teacher can lock all the students or specify the student's screen, and the locked students cannot use the keyboard and mouse.

      n   Remote Command: The teacher can select all students or specify the student's screen for remote commands.

      n   Hands Up: The teacher can receive a show of hands request from any student, and there is a show of hands prompt on the student management screen of the teacher's machine to determine which student raised his hand.

Demo Video

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