Thin Client Manager

TCM is a free thin client management software. Which could manage thin clients of Jieyun over network, include group-updating, auto-discovery and remote-control, WOL, etc.

TCM is a free thin client management software, which could manage the Jieyun thin clients (zero clients) over network.


  • Auto discovery:         TCM discovers online thin clients by scanning the IP range.

  • Wake on LAN:           TCM can wake the thin clients over LAN.

  • VNC remote control:  TCM can connect thin clients with VNC client

  • Restart & Shutdown: Reboot and shutdown thin clients remotely

Batch Operation

TCM can update the patchs over network and download settings in batch mode

TCM Certificate

The TCM certificate is applied to safety management of thin client devices. The administrator might create a TCM certificate in TCM management system and download it into the device, and then, the device can only be controlled by the TCM with the same certificate.

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